Committees of the Boston Postdoctoral Association


The BPDA supports and advocates for postdocs, organizes events for postdocs, and serves as a communication platform for the postdoctoral associations in the Greater Boston Area. Advocacy is central to the mission of the BPDA.

Under the "Resource" section, you will find our recent "Recommendations for Postdoctoral Policies" as well as a number of outstanding articles that give very useful background to the situation of postdocs and the US academic research system, together with suggestions for urgently needed improvements.

Career Development

The BPDA is committed to the training of early career researchers in preparation for the jobs of tomorrow.  These efforts include bi-monthly networking nights, courses, career panels, symposia and more.

Public Affairs

The BPDA Public Affairs committee works collaboratively with the other committees of the BPDA to share the events and message of the BPDA as a whole with the Boston postdoctoral community.


As many postdocs arrive in Boston from across the United States and the world, the BPDA provides social activities to allow postdoctoral scholars to build a community and support network during their time in Boston.