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Pint of Science - 10th Cambridge Science Festival Event

  • Poe's Rattlenake Bar and Grille 382 Boylston Street Boston, MA, 02116 United States (map)

Come enjoy a pint while hearing from scientists representing labs from MGH and Tufts University who will be showcasing their own cutting-edge work! It will be an evening of 4-minute info-packed talks about current hot topics at the forefront of different scientific fields. Come cheer on your favorite speaker!

Prizes will be awarded by our judges at the end of the evening for the best talks! Come to listen to the talks, stick around for an opportunity to mingle with the speakers!

Registration is not required - come early to snag a seat, this event is FREE and open to the public!

Judges for the evening:

Lauren Celano, MBA (Co-Founder and CEO of Propel Careers)

Mike Mattoni, Ph.D. (Patent Agent at Lathrop and Gage LLP)

Elizabeth Kong, Ph.D. (Manager of the Hall of Human Life at the Museum of Science)

Speakers -

6:30 Rohith Reddy, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Gut-check: A Device to See Deep Inside the Human Gut”
6:35 Ania Wronski, Ph.D. (Tufts) – "When will we cure breast cancer"?
6:40 Will Flavahan, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Cancer Epigenetics Brought into the Loop”
6:45 Sim Kaushal (Tufts) – "Deviant DNA: When Friend Becomes Foe"
6:50 Ashley Fenn, Ph.D. (MGH) – "Parabiosis: the Importance of Mad Science Research"
6:55 Genny Kozak, Ph.D. (Tufts) – "When,Where, and Who? Changes in Mating Behavior Lead to New Species"
7:00 Carla d’Avanzo, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Alzheimer's in 3D”
7:05 Elsa Bou Ghanem, Ph.D. (Tufts) – "TBD"
7:10 Kaveh Daneshvar, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Shining Light on the Dark Side of DNA”
7:15 Laura Brown, Ph.D. (Tufts) – "Who needs Peter Parker?”
7:20 Asael Papour, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Laser Speckle, Cellphones and Blood Clots, Saving Lives Just Got Easier”
7:25 Augustine Lee, Ph.D. (Tufts) – “A New Tool to Treat Osteoarthritis; Could Mindfulness Help?”
7:30 Vasanth Sarathy (Tufts) – "What would McGyver Do With Beer Bottles? ... and Other Important Scientific Questions"
7:35 Daniela Veccio, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Comprehensive Micro-fluidic Platform Usage for Rapid Detection of Antibiotic Resistance”
7:40 Akilan Palanisami, Ph.D. (MGH) – "Molecular Motors and Metabolism"
7:45 Shawn Stapleton, Ph.D. (MGH) – “Setting our 'Sights' on Cancer Drugs “
7:50 Michael Pereira (Tufts) – "Borrelia burgdorferi and Lyme Disease: A Seriously Sticky Spirochete Spreading Sickness in Snowy State"