ThermoFisher invited talks - a great opportunity to present your work!

As part of our ongoing agreement with Thermofisher, the BPDA has partnered to host a series of regional lunch time scientific talks.  The next sessions are focused on topics in Gene Editing & Functional Genomics. Postdocs who are conducting research in these areas are encouraged to apply for a 30-40 minute scientific talk. Talks will be considered based on their innovation and scientific novelty. Here is a brief abstract outlining the proposals we expect, and all are encouraged to apply:

“Recent advancements in gene editing technologies have revolutionized biomedical research and dramatically accelerated the path from target identification and discovery to precision medicine. With the availability of novel genome engineering technologies such as CRISPR and TALEN and cutting edge validation platforms including high content imaging, next generation sequencing and isogenic mouse model generation, researchers are able to accelerate the understanding of biological mechanisms and develop novel therapies for individual patients. The BPDA is seeking exceptional postdoctoral speakers to present their related research in a highly competitive, well publicized invited talk. Qualified candidates must be able to share an exciting story to engage both basic and translational researchers.”

This speaking opportunity will be advertised by the BPDA as an invited talk, with two occurring at lunch time on Thursday December 6th at the New Research Building on the Harvard Medical School Campus and Friday December 7th at the Broad Institute in Kendall Square. Preference will be given to those who are available to speak at both locations. The exact timing of these talks on December 6th and 7th is flexible.

Please find an application link here. We request a short abstract and CV (uploaded here) to be considered for this regionally advertised speaking opportunity.

Applications are due no later than NOVEMBER 15th .

Please stay tuned for additional postdoctoral speaking opportunities from the BPDA!